Privacy and security of My Health Records Software


Privacy and security of My Health Records Software:

Users have ‘N’ number of questions about My Health Records Software. The Questions like it is safe to use, someone will use their personal information, is it safe and secure. In this blog, I am going to scribble about these confusions. Let’s see the privacy and security of My Health Records Software.

Who can guise at your health information?

Your Health Record is allowed to access only by a healthcare professional who is involved in your treatment and who are registered with the particular software.

General Physicians, dispensaries, labs, infirmaries and allied health professionals are involved in the same. These bodies must use medical software comprising a legitimate digital license to access the My Health Record system.

If health care specialists access your health records that will be recorded in the Record access History. This allows you to see who has accessed your My Health Record. You can set up notification by email or SMS automatically when a health care provider accesses your record. Whenever a health care specialist accesses your My Health Record, this is recorded in the Record Access History within your record.

The provider should be a legal and authorized member from the registered organization. A Person who is legally fit to access your record, can be able to register your medication statement into the system.

Can an outsider access my record?

Patient information will not be released to anyone without your consent. It will be safe and secure. No one is permitted to access or disclose your information within your My Health Record for insurance or employment purposes.

Will my health information be used for research purposes?

The My Health Records Software is a treasured reason of information on the health system and the results being achieved. This information can further improve the health system.

Data which is stored in My Health Record system will be unidentified for use in research and public health purposes. Your health information is only included in the personal profile section of your My Health Record.

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